The EU has imposed customs duties of between 18.8% and 79.3% on imports of e-bikes from China, in line with the proposal launched by the European Commission which EU Member States voted for in December 2018. The anti-dumping and anti-subsidy customs duties are the latest in a series of measures, with the European Commission being informed that exports of Chinese e-bikes to the EU have tripled from 2014 to September 2017. Their market share has increased to 35%, while the average price has dropped by 11%. Chinese manufacturers have benefitted from regulated aluminium prices as well as advantageous financing and tax exemptions. The European Bicycle Manufacturer’s Association praised the intervention of the European Commission, protecting around 800 small and medium-sized enterprises employing around 90 000 European citizens. However, the association has warned that Chinese manufacturers are already making their way through Europe, with routes through third countries, where they repackage products to avoid new taxes.

What additional measures will the Commission take to counter the new business strategies being employed by Chinese companies aimed at circumventing the entire (recently regulated) circuit?