According to Eurostat data, 3.9 million tonnes of milk were produced in Romania, with 1.1 million cows registered in 2016. The comparison is made with Austria, which managed to produce 3.6 million tonnes of milk with 540 000 cows. Romania has twice the number of cows compared to Austria, and yet we produced almost the same amount of milk as the Austrians.

The National Bank of Romania has similarly conducted an analysis of hourly labour productivity in agriculture. One of the most concerning conclusions of the analysis is that an average Romanian farm has an hourly labour productivity of about 9.5, almost four times lower than Hungary’s 37 and 2.4 times below the EU’s 23. On the milk market, Romania has an hourly labour productivity of about 7.5, nearly half of Poland’s 14, 4.5 times lower than Hungary’s 34 and 3.9 times lower than the EU’s average of 29.

What tools does the Commission have at its disposal to increase productivity in the milk sector at Member State level?