From cheap roaming accessible to everyone, to free but inaccessible roaming

The European Commission has successfully implemented the reduction and then the elimination, from 15 June 2017, of the surcharge which telecommunication operators imposed on clients each time they crossed a border and needed to use their mobile device, whether on holiday or on business trips. Roaming has become free, but not for long, as telecom subscribers could not access it on arrival in Member States, not even for a fee.

The only option was to switch to prepaid subscriptions or expensive pre-pay options, often for twice the price. For a journey overseas where the subscriber needed their phone number activated for roaming, the only option was to pay more in the remaining months when the subscriber was in their home country and roaming was no longer necessary. A good idea has changed therefore into an injustice to consumers, creating a climate of mistrust regarding European decisions.

What solutions does the Commission have to regulate these situations or at least provide an initial option to pay for roaming only when needed?