Under the Operational Human Resources Scheme, unemployed young people in Romania are to be offered vocational guidance and counselling, training, work experience and the opportunity to enter the employment market. Although EUR 32 million, that is to say 30% of the available funding, has already been disbursed, Romania has not been able to launch the activities in question, since the National Manpower Employment Agency is still not clear about the official status of young people within the target group. Of the total of 441 000 NEETs identified in 2013 by the National Institute of Statistics, 55 279 are entered on the agency database. However, they have not been asked to provide information regarding enrolment for education or training, effectively reducing the original number of persons actually registered and making it impossible to implement the project.

What view does the Commission take of the inability of Romania to access funding for young people classified as NEETs?

In the Commission’s opinion, what action should be taken by the agencies concerned to speed up the creation of a database for unemployed young people who are not in education or training?