In the first quarter of 2018, Romania’s imports totalled EUR 40.2 billion, 8.2% of which were foodstuffs, amounting to EUR 3.3 billion. It is unacceptable that an agricultural country like Romania should import such an enormous amount of food products. Romania is increasingly dependent on Member States for meat, vegetables and fruit, despite Romania’s production record in this field. Farmers’ associations warn that atmospherically-controlled agro-food storage facilities can hold no more than 40% of national production, while the rest is sold as soon as it is harvested or exported. For this reason, every year, Romania imports enormous amounts of food in winter and spring. Unfortunately, we not only import enormous quantities of food, but these products are of inferior quality, which also discourages local producers. Moreover, agricultural policy in this sector does not encourage the promotion of agricultural products so that they achieve the level of quality agro-food products.

What support can the Commission give to help develop storage facilities in Romania?