Measles epidemic affecting thousands of Romanians

The Romanian Supervisory and Control Centre for Communicable Diseases reports that the total number of confirmed cases of measles currently stands at 15 267. Measles is an infectious disease which often leads to complications, and unfortunately, 59 deaths have been reported, due to the measles epidemic.

A further 80 cases have been confirmed in the last few days. More specifically, 54 cases were reported in Prahova, five in Bihor, Buzău and Călărași, three in Iași and Neamț, two in Botoșani and one case in Bacău, Bucharest and Suceava. Romania has one of the lowest vaccination rates in Europe. The vaccine coverage rate in Romania needs to be improved. In fact, although the World Health Organisation recommends a vaccine coverage of at least 95%, it is only 81% in Romania, therefore too low to ensure adequate protection.

Given that Romania has recently faced another measles epidemic, what tools does the Commission have at its disposal to provide a high level of protection for Romanians?