Mobility Package 1 raises concerns among carriers

The National Union of Road Hauliers from Romania (UNTRR) sounded the alarm on the disastrous effects of the compromise project by the former Austrian Presidency of the Council of the European Union on Mobility Package 1. The Austrian Presidency of the Council of the EU introduced a project covering the major unresolved issues of Mobility Package 1 which could have negative consequences for Romania’s economy. UNTRR considers the proposal on the Posted Workers Directive to all international road transport operations unacceptable, with the exception of the extremely restrictive bilateral road transport operations defined by the former Presidency, because it aims to significantly reduce international road transport operated by Romanian carriers in the EU. As the road transport of goods is the main contributor to Romania’s export of services, this project would have a catastrophic impact on the country’s economy.

UNTRR also expressed its concern regarding the Austrian Presidency’s proposals on the obligation to return professional drivers home, as well as the retro-fitting of trucks with the new smart tachograph which generates unjustified costs for Romanian carriers and is linked to the interests of the Road Alliance States to use smart tachograph as a control instrument for detachment and cabotage.

What is the Commission’s position in relation to the concerns expressed by the UNTRR representative?