Municipal councils in Germany disputing the benefit entitlements of children of Romanians working abroad

The recent decision by some municipal councils in Germany not to grant benefits to children of immigrants, including Romanians, is a flagrant breach of EC law, under which Member States are bound to observe and ensure proper, fair and non-discriminatory treatment for all citizens. Germany cannot make any exceptions in this regard. The right of children of Romanians working abroad to receive benefits is not an optional right, but an binding one, which means that Germany too must comply with it.

Since these people contribute to society through their work and by paying taxes, it is unacceptable for German councils to claim that Germany’s budget is over-stretched and adversely affected by having to pay benefits to the children of nationals of other countries. Unfortunately, thousands of Romanian families are having to leave their children in Romania in the care of grandparents so as to earn an honest living and ensure a better future for them.

What measures does the Commission plan to take to uphold the right of children of workers from Romania and other countries to receive benefits on a non-discriminatory basis?