My accomplishments

I kept my promises!
With your support, I managed to implement the following:
  • 1
    I contributed to the reform of the justice, by adopting the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedure Code, the Civil Procedure Code.
  • 2
    I contributed to the simplification and acceleration of the settlements of the lawsuits pending before the courts by promoting the Small Reforms Law in Justice.
  • 3
    I've contributed to take the justice closer to the citizen, by adopting the mediation law - an alternative solution to solve the conflicts.
  • 4
    I've initiated, at your request, 65 bills, out of which 12 have become laws.
  • 5
    I addressed 433 questions and interpellations to the members of the government.
  • 6
    I contributed to descentralize fiscally the taxes: from now on the stamp judicial taxes will not be collected to the national budget, but rather to the local one.
  • 7
    I contributed to eliminate the heavy traffic from Mănăștur and Zorilor, by supporting the completion of an important section of the Transylvanian freeway and the bypasses.
  • 8
    I contributed to adopt the economical relaunching measures that have contributed to: decreasing the budgetary deficit from 9% GDP in 2009 to 5,5% from the GDP in 2011, and stimulating the private investments and creating workplaces.
  • 9
    I contributed to raise founds for the Cluj county, mostly for important financial resources of over 1 billion euros.
  • 10
    I contributed to the elimination of over 102 taxes and dues.