Need to revitalise the Romanian railway sector

The Romanian railway system is facing insurmountable challenges given the context of implementing the fourth railway package by mid-June 2019. The main objective of the package is to create a single European rail area which implies a reform of the rail sector in the European Union by encouraging competition and innovation with regard to the domestic rail passenger transport market. According to representatives of the European Union Agency for Railways, the final result of these efforts is to achieve greater safety levels for rail transport and to increase the level of modal competitiveness.

Unfortunately, the railway infrastructure in Romania is poor and rail transport is four times slower than in Western Europe. As such, the provision of the fourth railway package, particularly those in the technical backbone, will strongly affect the activity of Romanian transport operators, with the risk of a possible huge competitive loss at European level.

What tools does the Commission have at its disposal to provide technical assistance to the Romanian authorities in order to efficiently manage the fourth railway package?