Poor quality of original famous branded detergents, deodorants and perfumes

Following the debates on the publicised cases on the double standards between Western and Eastern European food products under the same brand, numerous quality violations of widely consumed branded products bearing the logo of big companies were also highlighted, such as detergents, deodorants, perfumes, etc.

About three decades ago, when they entered the Romanian market, famous Western products quickly gained first place in terms of consumer preference, replacing and even completely removing similar domestic brands from the market. These products, unfortunately, are no longer recognisable due to their dubious quality, even though they are sold at the same or even higher prices than those in Western European countries where they are still sold with their original quality. The worst of it is not the classic case of counterfeit or faked products, but the so-called original counterfeits, with genuine certificates of origin from multinational companies being sold in malls or supermarkets. The method appears to be simple: a quality product enters the market with Western marketing and, once it gains clientele, the product quality is gradually reduced but the same price is retained.

What strategies does the Commission suggest to combat this commercial scourge carried out by unscrupulous multinationals?