Most developed urban areas are becoming more populated resulting in the number of citizens tripling in some areas. There has unfortunately been no investment in transport infrastructure at the level required for such development. In big cities, traffic is congested and tens of thousands of drivers who pass through the central areas on a daily basis end up travelling at five kilometres an hour. Furthermore, Romania currently has less than 750 kilometres of motorways, which is the lowest motorway provision in relation to population size and surface area in Europe. Romanians are therefore also experiencing great difficulties in travelling outside towns.

As far as the Romanian railway sector is concerned, rail transport is four times slower than in Western European states. Railway infrastructure is poor, and carriages, locomotives and tracks are extremely worn out. Romanians are therefore increasingly opting out of rail travel, given the travel conditions and the extremely long travel times compared to other means of transport.

What tools does the Commission have at its disposal to develop road and rail infrastructure at EU level?