Public Campaigns

Stop discriminating the Romanians from abroad!

Starting with the 2nd of March up until the 28th of March I am launching in the public space a campaign against the discrimination of the Romanians that are currently working or studying in all the countries around the globe. Through this I challenge all of you that have parents, grandparents, brothers and sisters, friends and colleaues that went to foreign countries and that appreciated there, to write me in my personal e-mail address:, details about their experience and success.

On the 28th of March, as we close the solidairty week alongside the people that fight against the racism and the discrimination, a week that was established by the United Nations Organization, I will award 5 of the most beautiful and emotional stories that you sent with awards consisting of 5 2-days free trips for 2 persons to te European Parliament in Brussels.

Also, up until the 28th of March, I will daily post on my personal Facebook page one of the stories that you send, because I want to promote in the virtual space the stories of the Romanians that bring honor to our country by working abroad.

I hereby invite you to join my campaign!
Let's show together the real beautiful face of Romania!

You eat Romanian products, you eat healthy!
The campaign had as a main purpose to encourage the consumption of Romanian healthy products, initiated by the MEP Daniel Buda. The campaign had as main objectives to promote and stimulate the consumption of Romanian fruits and vegetables, and also meat, eggs, dairy of Romanian origin.

I cordially invite you to see this campaign's brochure: