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Daniel Buda - Defends your rights within the EU

We invite you to get to know the MEP Daniel Buda!

He is 45 years old, lives in Cluj-Napoca, has his roots well anchored in the reality of the romanian village, is a true-born Transylvanian and one of the most valuable Romanian lawyers.

Reporter: You were born in a village from Sălaj, Românași, and you are currently a graduate from two faculties, doctor in philosophy, university lecturer and party leader. What are the values that guide your steps in life?

Daniel Buda: I was born in Românași in a modest family, that has faith in God and respect to all the other people. The education that I received at home has brought me many things like: the christian values, the desire to work, honesty and devotion. I cherish the education and the dedication and these are the things that guide me day by day in my professional and personal life.

I like to think of myself as being a man that does things and not one that only talks. My career as a lawyer combined with the political and teaching activity are all governed by clear values and principles: initiative, perseverence, honesty, discipline, responsibility and work. The two aspects of my professional training: the legal and the zootechnical engineering, both offer me an unique perception on the political world, which is characterized by pragmatism, initiative and responsibility. These values I want to send further to my students, that I strongly advise to believe in real dreams, that are consciously assumed, for which they need to work and have the courage to always search for creative resources in order to redefine themselves as humans and as professionals.

Reporter: Why did you accept you colleagues' proposals to apply for the elections from 25th May 2014?

Daniel Buda: The proposal to run for the European elections honored me and at the same time made me become more responsible. It was a proposal that I accepted not only to respect my colleagues' wish, but also to provide to all the Transylvanians the chance to have a representative in the European parliament to directly know all the problems and to be able to bring Europe in all the counties that I represent: Cluj, Sălaj, Bihor, Bistrița, Satu Mare, Maramureș. The party offered the North-West region the due importance by promoting a Transylvanian candidate that lives, works and has its roots in this area.

Reporter: What are your main objectives within the European Parliament?

Daniel Buda: Among the strategic objectives that I promote and defend within the European Parliament are to defend the interests of the Romanians as European citizens and those of Romania as an EU member state. Also, I support the European path of the Moldavian Republic, the renewal of the Eastern Partnership with the 5 ex-Soviet Union member states, and I promote the development of the EU according to Romania's interests. The trust that I put in the experience and the professionalism of the team that I belong to, offers me the assurance that we will achieve the goals that I proposed in Europe.

Reporter: "I think fast! I have many things to say! I have many things to do!" How much does this motto represent you?

Daniel Buda: It is a motto that fully characterize me. The career as a lawyer and that as a politician have both oriented me towards defending with passion the rights of the ones that I represent. I am a Transylvanian, but the world says I am an Oltenian. I am an active person, with initiative and I do in fact speak very fast. I have many things to say in order to defend and promote the rights of the Transylvanians in Europe and I also have many things to do in order to touch the objectives that I propose within the European Parliament.

Reporter: What recommended you for the MEP position?

Daniel Buda: In order to exercise the mandats for deputy within the Romanian Parliament, for president of the Legal Committee of the Chamber of Deputies, for president of the Commission for drafting legislative proposal to revise the Constitution of Romania, I found solutions for a correct, modern and efficient justice, by adopting the Civil Code, the Criminal Code, the Civil Procedure Code and the Criminal Procedure Code. In difficult times, I adopted measures for economic recovery that contributed to stimulating the private investments and to creating workplaces and decreasing the budgetary deficit. I could say that the thing that recommends me for representing Romania in the European Parliment is the experience of fulfilling these functions with a high degree of responsibility and the practical importance of the projects that I realized, particularly concerning the modernization of the justice. Yet, what recommends me in essence is the ability to find real solutions to difficult problems, an ability that I have demonstrated along the years. The same quality I understand and use now in order to identify the needs of the Romanians as European citizens and to defend their rights within the EU.

Reporter: What is the main gratification of your mandats as a deputy?

Daniel Buda: Adopting the four Legal Codes represent, admittedly, a progres for Romania. The Civil Code hasn't been modified since the years of Alexandru Ioan Cuza. The prestige that the Civil Code won in 1864 has increased the demands that were expected from the new reglementations that were imposed. However there remains the necesity to show it to some legal institutions so that their rules to be subject to actual requests.

Adopting the new Civil Code represents a big personal satisfaction, as a lawyer and also a realization from a political standpoint. As a deputy, I also had the contentment to contribute to the success of some important development projects at both regional and county level, but it is hard for me to do a clear ranking. I confes that my work for the citizens, the possibility to contribute to the development and good-step of the community in which they live, represent my main content and challenge at the same time.

Reporter: You are one of he MPs that have redefined the notoion of "family". What does the family mean to you?

Daniel Buda: In the new Civil Code, defining the concept of "family" had a specific significance for me, insisting mostly upon introducing the obligation of heterogamy in the new provisions. The marriage between a man and a woman and the notion of family must all be analyzed through the traditional perspective of the purposefulness of the marriage that means the perpetuation of the family, the sex difference being necessary for procreation. So, the article 277 from the new Civil Code forbids the same-sex marriage and "refuses" to admit any kind of effect in Romania of a homosexual marriage or a civil partnership, and even a partnership between persons that have different genders, less likely between same-sex persons. It is our duty, as right-wing politicians to transmit and promote among the youngsters the traditional values alongside the modern era of democracy.

Reporter: How do you see the Romanian condition within the EU? Why do we have to consider ourselves equal to the citizens from the EU?

Daniel Buda: One of the main principles that sit on the basis of the EU activity is that of equality among the citizens, that benefit from an equal attention from the institutions, offices and agencies. The fact that one state or another from the EU throws the anathema to Romania in order to distract the attention from their inner problems, does not have to discourage or to demobilize. The less likely image that the Romania has among the other EU member states is caused by the fact that our country hasn't had yet good "lawyers" in the EU and wasn't good enough represented. The Romanians are european citizens with acknowledged rights at an EU level. As a representative of the Romanians within the EU I constantly fight to defend their rights in all the EU member states. It is important that all the Romanians feel the efficiency of our country's representation in the European Parliament and to have a strong voice in Europe. The Romanians deserve MEPs that fight for them, nu shy deputies that do not have attitude. I have proved through facts and I do not make empty promises. I wish for the Romanians to have respect and honor within the EU.

Reporter: You were born in the rural area, so, you do know the realities of the Romanian village. What do you do to support the interests of the authentic farmers in the EU?

Daniel Buda: When joining the EU, Romania received 5 billions of euros, as agriculture subsidies, that were essential for the Romanian farmers. The Reform of the Common Agricultural Policy has brought to Romania more that 17 billion euros for subsidies and investments for the next 7 years. A major importance in prioritizing the objectives that I proposed in Europe is closely connected to the Romanian agriculture. Maintaining the level of the European funds for agriculture and obtaining for the Romanian farmers, subsidies that are equal to those that exist in Germany, France and the other EU member states. This represents major objectives to be realized within the European Parliament for a competitive market. So, having my roots strongly anchored in the Romanian village, I would like to highlight the need to support the young farmers and the development of the micro-reforms, so that we create the necessary conditions for them to stay at home. We have the capacity to feed 100 million people, but we import billion euros food yearly, which is not good at all. Yet, I am sure that in short time, the situation of our country will be noticeable improved concerning the agricultural field.