Situation of EU citizens living in the UK

The British Prime Minister Theresa May has published an open letter addressed directly to European Union citizens living in the United Kingdom in which she sought to reassure them that their rights will be respected. The letter contains a brief description of the way in which the system for granting residence will operate, with an assurance that the criteria applied will be simple, transparent and strictly in accordance with the Brexit agreement reached. The British say that they value the contributions that EU citizens make to the economic, social and cultural fabric of the UK. Diplomacy is absolutely vital in this type of speech, but in reality I know that many European Union citizens are currently living in a situation of stress and uncertainty. Many of them will be placed in an extremely unfortunate situation and will be forced to leave the country where they had hoped to live with their families.

What instruments are available to the Commission to protect the rights and dignity of these EU citizens, and what advice would the Commission give to the Romanian authorities with regard to the support offered to these individuals in the process of reintegrating once they have returned to their home country?