The energy policies of governments worldwide ignore the disastrous effects that energy production has on the environment, on healthcare, etc. According to the latest report by the IMF, the additional costs generated by the global energy market will reach USD 5 300 billion this year. China, the U.S., Russia, the EU, India and Japan are the most important energy producers who need to use public money in order to subsidise the remedy of pollution effects. China holds the record in terms of hidden costs of energy production. According to the IMF experts, over one billion households and industrial consumers in China pay bills that do not account for the actual price of energy, which adds an amount of USD 2 300 billion to the total global subsidies. China is followed by the United States, where the level of subsidies targeting sectors directly affected by energy production reaches astronomic values.

Taking into account the above, what is the position of the EU regarding the environmental impact of pollution?