The increase of domestic milk and egg production

Last year, food production in Romania had an upward trend, at least in terms of production of food of animal origin. Thus, the weight of livestock and poultry intended for slaughter for consumption grew by 1.2%, with increases from poultry slaughtering standing at 6.8%, and those from sheep and goat slaughtering at 3.8%. However, cattle weight decreased by 4.7%, while pig weight by 2%. In terms of food of animal origin (other than meat), the increase of milk production was 3.7% and that of egg production was 3.9%. An increased production was also noted for wool, where the increase was 5.3%. Considering these increases with regard to animal production:

What are the measures that the Commission considers could be applied in Romania in order to encourage farmers to continue this good practice?

How could the export of products of animal origin in the European Union be encouraged?