The level of prices in Romania was 54% of the EU average according to the data provided by Eurostat for 2014 regarding the relative cost of goods and services in the Member States. The price level in Romania is half that of the prices in France, but the net average salary income is approximately 20% of that in France (EUR 417 for Romania and EUR 2,180 for France). In relation to the share of 55% resulting at the GDP/capita level, following an adjustment using the purchasing power, the value obtained is of around 30% of the EU average, expressed in EUR (the optimum value of Romania’s purchasing power in relation to the salaries on the Romanian market and the average prices in Europe). For actual convergence purposes and for the adoption of the euro, the increase of the GDP per capita to 60% of the EU average should be accompanied by an alignment of the GDP salaries to the EU average.

What are the Commission’s recommendations for a rigorous preparation for Romania’s adoption of the euro?