Unfair supermarket practices promoting imported tomatoes

The national programme to support the tomato-growing sector was set up with the aim of helping producers to produce an earlier crop and supply the Romanian market with home-grown tomatoes. Producers receive EUR 3 000 in financial support on condition that they can prove that they have produced and sold at least 2 tonnes per hectare.

Despite these efforts by the government to promote Romanian vegetables on the domestic market, particularly in supermarket chains, some large retailers are choosing to promote tomatoes imported from Poland to the detriment of local producers. Some supermarkets are selling Polish tomatoes at knockdown prices without offering the option of buying Romanian crops.

There is a risk that a significant proportion of local tomatoes could be thrown away because Romanian supermarkets are exclusively promoting imports, and Romanians will be forced to continue buying imported tomatoes that are less tasty and contain more herbicide.

What instruments does the Commission have at its disposal to put an end to unfair supermarket practices promoting imported tomatoes to the detriment of home-grown tomatoes?